Show #30 - Ass Paper Saver!

Steve is going to show you step by step how to install the "Ass Paper Saver" in your bathroom. It's super easy and will only take about 10 mins to install.

Show #29 - More Fan Feedback

Steve has been flooded with emails and messages. The Steve Sober Team helped him pick out 20 of his favorite ones for today's show. Check and see if it's you!

Show #27 - Curtis is back talking Pipes!

Curtis stopped by the shop to talk about how to make homemade pipes and bongs when you are in a jam and when you have the time to create some bad ass shit! Ever smoke through a block of ice? Curtis will walk you through it.

Show #25 - Sex By Number!

Sometimes you want to skip the bullshit and get right to the good stuff. Steve has devised a simple system just like the fast food restuarants where you can order your desired sex moves by number. Create your own number system today! Share today's episode with your friends.

Show #24 - 4th of July 2014!

Happy Independence Day Yall! This is truly one of Steve's favorite celebrations. It's important to know what your rights and freedoms are and celebrate holding on to them. Steve shares his thoughts on rights on today's show. Enjoy and share with your friends!

Show #22 - Fan Feedback

Steve has collected another great batch of pics and videos from yall the viewers. Check it out and see if it's you in this latest installment of fan feedback.

Show #21 - Whiskey Wipers!

On show #21 Steve teaches us how to set up Whiskey Wipers. It's Steve's stealthy lil secret. Check out this easy homemade fix that works on any car or truck. #WhiskeyWeedWomen

Show #20 - We Goin Tubin!!

Steve is sharing something very personal and truly his favorite pastime on this show. Tubin is floating on your ass all day long down a river getting drunk with friends and Steve is gonna tell you all about it. It's show #20 please share it with your friends!

Show #19 - Eat Your Bourbon!

Steve share one of his wife's cooking secrets on this episode. Bourbon Barrel Foods makes Smoked Bourbon fLavored infused Sauces, Spices, Sugars and Sorghums. You can Bourbon Candied Bacon tonight!

Show #17 - Theme Song Contest

Steve and this new show needs a theme song. It's up to you his fans to create it. Record something and send it to us here or post it on Steve's facebook. Steve will pick the final winner.