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#50 Chads Brads Boof and Dabs

Episode #50

This week Steve is in Northern California smoking on the road. Steve and Mike hang with @whitegrowrilla and talk dabs and weed. The weed scene in Northern California is off the chain. Steve nearly dies again taking a huge git off of a space age dab rig. The guys ask Landau Smiles what it’s like to be part of the legal weed business. If you enjoy listening to the show why not tell a friend about it? Maybe write a review and rate the show on iTunes? Give us a call or text at 225-800-3175 we would love to hear from you.

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#49 California Chaos With Curtis

Episode #49

What a show this week. Steve is reunited with his buddy Curtis. The guys hang in California and do some podcasting. Keep your ears tuned for a dog fight during the show. It’s a whole lot of weed smoking and an equal amount of chaos. Make sure to rate the show and write a review on iTunes! Cop that new merch at Call or text the show at 225-800-3175

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#47 Get This Out Of My Ass

Episode #47

This week the guys talk about apps they would like to create. What kind of app would you create if you were smart and shit? 225-8003175 call and leave a message or text us! Blue Dream and Gorilla Glue fueled this episode. If you have time please rate the show or write a review on iTunes or whatever. Tell a friend about the show. Visit for some super slick brand new Steve Jessup merchandise!

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#46 Snake Oil And Goat Balls

Episode #46

Episode 46 is good one. The guys talk about the origins of country music. Oddly enough it involves sewing a goat’s balls to your sack. Plenty of weed induced conversation this week! Rate and review the show on iTunes or wherever you listen. Tell a friend if you have any. Smoke up and enjoy the show! Visit for brand new Jessup merchandise! Call us or text 225-800-3175

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#44 Margarita Threesomes

Episode #44

This weeks episode includes a healthy dose of Mike hacking on weed hits. Steve tells a story of an epic threesome complete with a squirting hooker and butt sex. Do us a favor and rate and review the show on iTunes. Also go to for sweet deals on Steve Jessup merchandise! Spread the word about the show! Happy smoking!

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#43 Hobie Cat Hookers And Sea Pigs

Episode #43

On this week’s episode the guys go overboard with Nautical terms. They talk sailor talk and talk like sailors while doing it. Also, Steve nearly dies after taking a man sized hit of weed! Steve also tells a story about a time where he almost killed a hooker on a Hobie Cat. Go to for merch that won’t leave your bank account tits up. Rate the show and write a review and I’ll do hand stuff to your lady.

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#42 Kidwok Is In The Building

Episode #42

Steve has his first guest ever on the podcast this week! A very funny comedian and impressionist and all around good dude that goes by the name Kidwok joins the guys Down By The River. Check him out at also swing over to iTunes and rate and review the show please! Grab a BRAND NEW “That’s A Monday Problem” tee shirt at! Thanks for listening.

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#41 Bull Dicks And Village People

Episode #41

Things get little weird on this week’s episode of Down By The River. Steve thinks Red Bull is made with bull jizz. Mike drinks Red Bull all the time so he doesn’t want to believe it’s true. The guys also talk about the trip to NYC they took a few weeks back. Make sure to rate the show on iTunes and write review. Stop by to cop some of that sweet ass Steve Jessup merchandise.

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#39 Cumming In Your Hair Tonight

Episode #39

In episode #39 the guys discuss songs and their meanings. You think you know what these songs are about but you are wrong. As usual there is also a lot of marijuana use on this episode because the fans have said they like that part. Write a review on iTunes and rate the show please. Grab some fresh Steve Jessup merchandise at

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#38 LIVE from NY!

Episode #38

On episode #38 Steve and Mike are doin the show from their hotel beds in NYC! On a rare trip to the Big Apple Steve talks about his experiences and what he’s getting into while in the city. The guys are still fucked up from the night before and the day hasn’t even started yet! Enjoy this special episode Down By The Hudson River. Write a review on iTunes and rate the show please. Grab some fresh Steve Jessup merchandise at

#37 Your Phone Is A Rat

Episode #37

This weeks episode is a continuation from last week’s show. The guys are talking about privacy and how your phone is a fucking rat! Snitches don’t get stitches they get glass protectors and a full charge. You phone is selling you out 24/7 maaaaaaan. Spread the word about the show please. Maybe even write a review or rate it on iTunes! Stop by the website for Steve Jessup merchandise!

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