quite a few times in recent years, i've been asked to record a podcast. there were never any ideas i liked, until now. you might ask, why do i like this idea over all those others... because this is something i do for real, everyday. there's NO wacky podcast type scenario here. it's just me an my good friend ramey talkin life. we sit out at the picnic table and unravel the day with a toke an a cold one. the subjects aren't planned. we just drop our asses on the picnic table, light up, and start talkin. it's that simple. if your crazy life is anything like mine, i think we'll find some common ground and you'll have a good time! I'm gonna have a new show for your every tuesday morning at 4:20am. please subscribe on iTunes, stitcher or wherever! rate us and help me spread the word about this new show.

some have asked and i know some may wonder if I am still doing "Whiskey. Weed. Women." shows? The answer is YES!!! I love doing that show. It's been very hard to keep up with that and touring so it just means less shows, but YES still doing them. I also wanted to put better quality into each project which means slowin down and takin more time to make each show. i appreciate all the support yall give me as i continue to explore everything that is possible on this fun ride! #SteveJessup #DownByTheRiver #Podcast #SteveNRamey

Posted on August 17, 2018 .

HEY TEXAS!!! Come out to at live show


Steve has been promising to bring his live comedy show to Texas for a while now. We on the Sober Team are happy to finally announce a TEXAS tour stop will happen before 2016 ends!

We are looking to add Beaumont and Waco to this tour. Stay tuned to this website. We hope to announce more Texas stops soon. - Steve Sober Team

Posted on November 9, 2016 .


The shop took water to the roof and Steve has had to tear out all the guts. This is where we set up our cameras to catch Steve doing his thing. It was a really great hang with pinball machines, a beer vending machine, dart boards, great stereo.... Steve had it set up perfect. Then Louisiana suffered a 1 in 1000 year flood filling the entire south Louisiana area in water. So many of you have offered to help Steve rebuild and you most definitely can simply by buying some steve swag. That's how we pay the entire sober team for their work on the show. It's the only way we keep the Steve party going. We'll need to gather up some serious funds to rebuild Steve's shop. All the stud walls need to be replaced with treated lumber and hardy board siding to resist the harsh weather here in south Louisiana. We've included some pics and videos about the flood. Thanks for your support! - Steve Sober Team

Posted on August 23, 2016 .


Answering the call of fans to leave the shop and take his show on the road, Steve Jessup, AKA Steve the DUI lawnmower guy, is making a rare appearance at Stand Up Live Phoenix. Over 100 Million people from around the world have seen the videos of Steve being arrested on his lawnmower, tractor and scissor lift and each week they tune into to his weekly show Whiskey Weed and Women.  Now it’s time to bring his crazy world to the stage.
On August 17th, Steve will be in Phoenix for one show only! Steve will be telling his personal stories of his famed arrest, his wife Tina and much more.  This is not going to be a night to miss so get your tickets now.  Steve will be doing a free meet and greet photo session after the show with everyone who comes out!

Posted on July 1, 2016 .

Steve is LIVE on Youtube and at T-Rivers bar April 30th!

Steve Jessup is throwin a big ass party and everyone on the planet is invited! Ya got 2 options, be there in person or watch live on YouTube.

To be in the audience watching the action in person be at T-Rivers bar April 30th, 2016 from 6-7pm. Get there early for the pre show party too. 1999 Main St, Madisonville, LA 70447 It is FREE ADMISSION!

If you aren't in the area, watch the entire hour Steve chaos go down on Youtube Live Streaming. You may even be able to call in or skype with Steve during the show technology permitting of course.

Posted on April 12, 2016 .

2016 Louisiana Flood at Steve's Shop

March 2016 brought record setting rain storms over south Louisiana. As a result there was also record setting flooding throughout the south. Steve's favorite place to smoke and drink was covered up with toxic flood waters. Steve has asked us (the sober team) to give him a second to clean up and repair his favorite hangout. So as soon as Steve is cleaned up and back on track we will be back with Show #108 of Whiskey. Weed. Women. Thanks again for all the well wishes through this crazy adventure. - Steve Sober Team

Posted on March 19, 2016 .