quite a few times in recent years, i've been asked to record a podcast. there were never any ideas i liked, until now. you might ask, why do i like this idea over all those others... because this is something i do for real, everyday. there's NO wacky podcast type scenario here. it's just me an my good friend ramey talkin life. we sit out at the picnic table and unravel the day with a toke an a cold one. the subjects aren't planned. we just drop our asses on the picnic table, light up, and start talkin. it's that simple. if your crazy life is anything like mine, i think we'll find some common ground and you'll have a good time! I'm gonna have a new show for your every tuesday morning at 4:20am. please subscribe on iTunes, stitcher or wherever! rate us and help me spread the word about this new show.

some have asked and i know some may wonder if I am still doing "Whiskey. Weed. Women." shows? The answer is YES!!! I love doing that show. It's been very hard to keep up with that and touring so it just means less shows, but YES still doing them. I also wanted to put better quality into each project which means slowin down and takin more time to make each show. i appreciate all the support yall give me as i continue to explore everything that is possible on this fun ride! #SteveJessup #DownByTheRiver #Podcast #SteveNRamey

Posted on August 17, 2018 .